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Jung, Sufis, and Kabbalah

Actually, my ‘model’ isn’t Jungian, but from alchemy and the Kabbalah—the spiritual, or alchemical marriage, which surprised me because I hadn’t seen any of the drawings or diagrams of the alchemists or Kabbalists, either Jewish or Christian, until well after I had had the images become part of my own thinking—and both forms of Kabbalah …

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Equanimity and Tradition

A lot of spiritual traditions arise because of the attitudes of one person in a state of enlightenment who is speaking from his relative position (point of view), and then these statements are ‘canonized’ into a ‘way of being’ that, if followed, will lead to enlightenment. The idea of equanimity is one of these canonized …

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Dream Yoga

The point of doing the dream yoga, etc, isn’t really about having lucid dreams, or out of body experiences—these are sort of ‘teasers’ to keep a practitioner motivated. It’s similar to doing yoga practices to develop siddhis—supernatural powers and abilities—people see these as the goals and do the practice ardently, but usually when they get …

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Transcendental Illumination

You wrote: “what if there is no “normal” and you no longer “return” to it? when consciousness of some “body”, some outer skin between “me” and the “environment” falls away…the happy delusion of me and them or it or other that calm happy separateness that we all meditate to go beyond…and then there is no …

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Dark Places, Dark Beings, and the World

Ok, now I’m going to try to write about things I haven’t written about before—I’ve written around them, but not directly at them, if you know what I mean. Whenever I think about telling someone else about this I immediately start getting all kinds of ‘interference’—can’t think clearly, get distracted easily, find something else to …

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Surviving and Integrating

I find that every day I face dealing with the problems of survival—food, money, health, and so on—and I’m constantly asking myself “what am I getting back for all of this foolishness”—I work so I can make money to buy food so I can have energy to work to make money to buy food so …

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We Don’t Want Your Kind of Love

One dream had a lot of impact on me—I was very depressed for a couple of months afterward when I realized the impact of it. I dreamed I was standing in the quadrangle of the university I went to, and was surrounded by this intense gold light. I had just come back from ‘higher’ places …

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The Status Quo of the World

Remember all the stuff I wrote about beings wanting to maintain the status quo of the world? When you effect things prior to creation it isn’t just a matter of ” causing the right people to appear at the right time etc”. If you ‘radiate’ the light of the sun, so to speak, you will …

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Left and Right

Maybe I should speak more from personal experience—when I’m running around in the world being a person, being a carpenter, eating, talking, feeling tired, feeling energized, I feel that I’m somehow off to my left side, for want of a better way of saying it, and that my attention, my consciousness, is focused towards the …

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Two Dreams for a Psychologist

A dream: I was standing on this large flat plane and there were a lot of people walking around, and there was this large staircase near me that I had just finished building. The staircase was solidly on the plane, but went up to just above my head and then disappeared from sight—it appeared to …

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