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On more than one occasion I’ve been walking down a busy city street and suddenly my vision shifts and instead of “people” I see blue stars, or blue flames, floating around each other, each holding a body in front of it in much the same way that party goers hold masks on sticks in front …

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Source Image

A couple of people have asked me where I got this image. Actually, I made it back in about 1995. I wanted to make an image of what it looks like, to me at least, looking back through creation to the ‘central sun’. What I wanted to do was have the multitude of small figures …

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Mirrors are strange things to me. Whenever I look in a mirror I’m always surprised to see anything there. And when I look in one mirror that’s reflecting me from another mirror, I’m even more surprised. Quite a few years ago I used to do a meditation practice in which I’d sit and gaze at …

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What I Experience

You asked me about what I experience. I always sense the central sun over me, in front of me, around me: when I close my eyes I can see it, feel it, sense it. When I go to sleep, I see it visibly, and I either move towards it, or it moves towards me, and …

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Mahadeva Bodies


In the past couple of years I seem to have developed, or become aware of, another level of “body” that is quite interesting, and which makes the most sense to me (i.e., it’s the one where I’m most comfortable). I find myself with a large body with the “central sun” at the heart, and a …

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Important Dreams: River of Stars

From 1998 A lot of my energy and focus in the past fifteen years or so has been to come to terms with and try to heal or at least integrate life here on this planet, bearing in mind what I wrote above about life arising on planets and my feelings about life here. In …

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Following Yourself Back

A letter to a friend of mine who was having such strong Kundalini flow that she was leaving scorch marks on her bed sheets. One thing I say to people is “follow yourself back,” but I’ve come to realize that it’s not really clear what I mean by that. I want to attempt to describe …

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1978 Awakening – Waking Up to Myself

This was written in 1995 to a friend—the same friend to whom I wrote most of the letters on the 1995 Letters page. It’s really something that can stand on its own, so I’ve broken it out from the other letters. As far back as I can remember I’ve had out of body experiences, but …

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