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All my life I’ve loved looking at the night sky. Among other things, whenever I look at the night sky it comforts me to know that there’s more than just what’s here on earth: “Thank God there’s more than just this.” So once upon a time I got curious about the relationship of different sizes …

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Right Shift

The right-shift thing. I tend to use my body as a mandala– what I mean is that I use it as a reference point to initiate conditions, etc, that may not be body related at all, so when I talk about something happening on the right side of the chest it isn’t necessarily something that …

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You wrote: I suppose I’m distracting myself with the Heart Sutra (from the fear of Non-Being) but also learning to relate to compassion which is the only way of dealing with the terror. That was/is the worst of it all… how to describe… the sense of the total indifference of the universe (as if we …

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Rebirth and My Body

I‘ve been doing a lot of restructuring lately (talk about unloading and unloading). I’ve been working out my relationship with my body. What I mean is that I’ve always found it more trouble than it’s worth to take care of, but some time ago I must have spent most of one night apologizing to my …

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Mahadeva Bodies


In the past couple of years I seem to have developed, or become aware of, another level of “body” that is quite interesting, and which makes the most sense to me (i.e., it’s the one where I’m most comfortable). I find myself with a large body with the “central sun” at the heart, and a …

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