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More about the throat and dumo (heat)—I find that I can consciously generate heat by relaxing and energizing my throat chakra—usually by focusing on the large cervical vertebrae and relaxing the muscles in my shoulders (the trapezius, etc), and then imagining an energy flow coming from both sides to the center in the throat. (You …

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Polarity and the Grail

The ‘polarity’ thing—I find what usually happens is that I bounce back and forth between doing clearing work ‘down low’ (legs, or below, for example) and balancing things ‘up high’—the more you clear and release down below, the more your vision clears ‘up above’. If the human energy system is defined by the base chakra, …

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Light Seeking Light

Light Seeking Light—A Diary of Awareness, Kundalini, and Transformation When someone is going through intense spiritual experiences it’s very easy for that person to feel alone and isolated, as if he or she is the only one in the world who’s ever experienced what he or she is going through. For that reason I decided …

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