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Pure Unconditional Love

By pure, infinite unconditional love, I don’t just mean some kind of infinite emotional state, or being in the mood to hug anyone and everyone you meet. To me, pure, infinite unconditional love is the ground, the source and the sustainer of all of creation on all levels. Pure, infinite, unconditional love is the creative …

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Heart Space

The heart: everything resides there, comes from there, and returns there. Last week I woke up in the middle of the night looking into my heart space—like I was looking into a pool of water—I could see the ripples on the surface, the reflection of the sun, and all of this life moving below the …

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Heart Chakra and Mirroring

Ok, I’m going to start on this topic, but I don’t know where I’m going to wind up because it’s such a large and important area—I may just keep writing until I run out of steam or then again I may make a bunch of general statements and observations and we can pursue them over …

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