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Pema Finds Supreme Joy

I realized that what she had been doing was allowing herself to be immersed in infinite love. She was allowing herself to be loved unconditionally. And she was practicing so that when she finally left her little cat body she would be able to allow herself to be immersed and saturated with infinite love. Her whole life with me, from the time she very intentionally found her way to my house and parked herself on my couch had been about her practicing allowing herself to be immersed in unconditional love.

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The Woman Who Tried to Hide Under a Quilt

I once knew a woman who glowed like the sun. She almost always had gold white light around her that was frequently visible even in mid day sunlight. She was exquisite. One night I had a dream about her. In the dream I was standing beside an entryway to a world of very bright clear …

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The Limits of Psychedelics

I experimented briefly with psychedelics as a spiritual avenue but I got bored, realizing that I was bounded by the limits of the chemicals. I used to play with willing/intending my perception past the psychedelics—allowing the drug to disassemble my perceptual field, and then willing my perceptual field back to “normal”. I once took some …

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The German Chapel

One summer, when I was in college, I worked in Frankfurt, Germany. Before heading back to college, a friend and I took a motorcycle trip to the German border to do some climbing in mountains that are the border between Germany and Austria. It rained almost the entire time we traveled, and we spent most …

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Before I was Born: Infinite Light

I‘ve always remembered being one with infinite light before I was born, then falling through layers of color to wind up on the physical plane. And always wanting to get back to the infinite sun. Always feeling emptiness, the emptiness of feeling separated from that light, and trying to fill that emptiness to make up …

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Mirrors are strange things to me. Whenever I look in a mirror I’m always surprised to see anything there. And when I look in one mirror that’s reflecting me from another mirror, I’m even more surprised. Quite a few years ago I used to do a meditation practice in which I’d sit and gaze at …

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