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Stained Glass

I always see one or several blue stars floating around me: sometimes they just flash and are gone, but often they stay for several seconds. Sometimes I see an entire filed of blue stars stretching out around me, especially if I do an open-eyed meditation. If you think of the blue star as a stained …

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Raising Your Own Level

About raising your own level—you can’t raise your own level any more than you can pick yourself up by your own bootstraps. All the good works and karma burning exercises in the world won’t do the job—what you need is what you’ve already got—an active kundalini, which has its own mind and knows what its …

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Escaping the World

You wrote: “I know that my wavering in and out of this world is not from some kind of “will to ground myself,” but happens because the world obviously must still hold some attraction for me” So you see the world as something you have to escape? Did you ever stop to think that perhaps …

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You wrote: “Frequently I have been feeling lost. I am unusually tired all the time. Feel only like sleeping. Can’t seem to stay focused enough to do any one thing well at home.” Yep, this happens when you get too much of your physical energy in your head, so you feel tired and like sleeping—this …

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Third Eye

You wrote: “The sensation I’d been getting at the third eye (vibratory) began to make itself present at the crown chakra, only at first it was like a low voltage of electricity from the crown to the back of my tongue!” This is quite common—the usual model for kundalini is that it starts at the …

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Polarity and the Grail

The ‘polarity’ thing—I find what usually happens is that I bounce back and forth between doing clearing work ‘down low’ (legs, or below, for example) and balancing things ‘up high’—the more you clear and release down below, the more your vision clears ‘up above’. If the human energy system is defined by the base chakra, …

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Mahadeva Bodies


In the past couple of years I seem to have developed, or become aware of, another level of “body” that is quite interesting, and which makes the most sense to me (i.e., it’s the one where I’m most comfortable). I find myself with a large body with the “central sun” at the heart, and a …

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Equanimity and Tradition

A lot of spiritual traditions arise because of the attitudes of one person in a state of enlightenment who is speaking from his relative position (point of view), and then these statements are ‘canonized’ into a ‘way of being’ that, if followed, will lead to enlightenment. The idea of equanimity is one of these canonized …

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A Matter of Balance

More on the matter of balance—as the heart area balances, the difference/indifference, desire/desirelessness, emotion/emotionlessness quotient changes depending on the individual—I went from being very detached and indifferent (I used to meditate up to 9 hrs a day when I was in Nelson) to being quite a bit more emotional, full of desires—and yet not caring …

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Heart Chakra and Mirroring

Ok, I’m going to start on this topic, but I don’t know where I’m going to wind up because it’s such a large and important area—I may just keep writing until I run out of steam or then again I may make a bunch of general statements and observations and we can pursue them over …

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