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The Natural World

Even as a young kid I loved being out in the natural world, preferably alone. I’d go out into the desert around Phoenix, ride my bike way beyond any boundaries my mother had set up, and just sit out there, doing nothing but being. Being alone meant that I didn’t have to be “human”, that …

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Before I was Born: Infinite Light

I‘ve always remembered being one with infinite light before I was born, then falling through layers of color to wind up on the physical plane. And always wanting to get back to the infinite sun. Always feeling emptiness, the emptiness of feeling separated from that light, and trying to fill that emptiness to make up …

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What I Experience

You asked me about what I experience. I always sense the central sun over me, in front of me, around me: when I close my eyes I can see it, feel it, sense it. When I go to sleep, I see it visibly, and I either move towards it, or it moves towards me, and …

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On the Death of My Cat Oscar

Oscar at 23

October 5, 2003 Last Monday my cat, Oscar, died. He’d been with me for 19 years. He was about 23 years old, an old guy by cat standards. He’d been deaf for a couple of years, had bad arthritis that bothered him even after pain killers, and eventually succumbed to renal failure. Oscar had always …

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Important Dreams: River of Stars

From 1998 A lot of my energy and focus in the past fifteen years or so has been to come to terms with and try to heal or at least integrate life here on this planet, bearing in mind what I wrote above about life arising on planets and my feelings about life here. In …

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Light Seeking Light

Light Seeking Light—A Diary of Awareness, Kundalini, and Transformation When someone is going through intense spiritual experiences it’s very easy for that person to feel alone and isolated, as if he or she is the only one in the world who’s ever experienced what he or she is going through. For that reason I decided …

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