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Important Dreams: River of Stars

From 1998 A lot of my energy and focus in the past fifteen years or so has been to come to terms with and try to heal or at least integrate life here on this planet, bearing in mind what I wrote above about life arising on planets and my feelings about life here. In …

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Jung, Sufis, and Kabbalah

Actually, my ‘model’ isn’t Jungian, but from alchemy and the Kabbalah—the spiritual, or alchemical marriage, which surprised me because I hadn’t seen any of the drawings or diagrams of the alchemists or Kabbalists, either Jewish or Christian, until well after I had had the images become part of my own thinking—and both forms of Kabbalah …

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Left and Right

Maybe I should speak more from personal experience—when I’m running around in the world being a person, being a carpenter, eating, talking, feeling tired, feeling energized, I feel that I’m somehow off to my left side, for want of a better way of saying it, and that my attention, my consciousness, is focused towards the …

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