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Source Image

A couple of people have asked me where I got this image. Actually, I made it back in about 1995. I wanted to make an image of what it looks like, to me at least, looking back through creation to the ‘central sun’. What I wanted to do was have the multitude of small figures …

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Right Shift

The right-shift thing. I tend to use my body as a mandala– what I mean is that I use it as a reference point to initiate conditions, etc, that may not be body related at all, so when I talk about something happening on the right side of the chest it isn’t necessarily something that …

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The Way of Knowledge and the Way of Communion

About the way of Knowledge and the way of Communion—they’re different sides of the same thing– in the end you have to give up both in order to go beyond them, because both cause you to assume a position of duality—knower and known, communer and whatever-the-hell-the word-is-for-that-with-which you commune (or is it the ‘communee’ and …

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Universal Bodies

From 1998 In 1978 when I had my initial major experience my reaction to it wasn’t one of surprise, bewilderment, or panic. On the contrary, I felt as though I’d been waiting for it to happen all my life and it was about time. Finally! It was the first time in my life that I …

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