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Stained Glass

I always see one or several blue stars floating around me: sometimes they just flash and are gone, but often they stay for several seconds. Sometimes I see an entire filed of blue stars stretching out around me, especially if I do an open-eyed meditation. If you think of the blue star as a stained …

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All my life I’ve loved looking at the night sky. Among other things, whenever I look at the night sky it comforts me to know that there’s more than just what’s here on earth: “Thank God there’s more than just this.” So once upon a time I got curious about the relationship of different sizes …

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Heart Space

The heart: everything resides there, comes from there, and returns there. Last week I woke up in the middle of the night looking into my heart space—like I was looking into a pool of water—I could see the ripples on the surface, the reflection of the sun, and all of this life moving below the …

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Babaji, the Sun, and Me

At night I lay in bed and hear a loud “om” sound in my head, and during many nights Haidakhan Baba is around—I don’t see him physically, but I can feel him. It’s as though he merges with me and his energy washes me clean and breaks my ties with my lives. I wind up …

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Dream Yoga

The point of doing the dream yoga, etc, isn’t really about having lucid dreams, or out of body experiences—these are sort of ‘teasers’ to keep a practitioner motivated. It’s similar to doing yoga practices to develop siddhis—supernatural powers and abilities—people see these as the goals and do the practice ardently, but usually when they get …

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The Status Quo of the World

Remember all the stuff I wrote about beings wanting to maintain the status quo of the world? When you effect things prior to creation it isn’t just a matter of ” causing the right people to appear at the right time etc”. If you ‘radiate’ the light of the sun, so to speak, you will …

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Universal Bodies

From 1998 In 1978 when I had my initial major experience my reaction to it wasn’t one of surprise, bewilderment, or panic. On the contrary, I felt as though I’d been waiting for it to happen all my life and it was about time. Finally! It was the first time in my life that I …

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1978 Awakening – Waking Up to Myself

This was written in 1995 to a friend—the same friend to whom I wrote most of the letters on the 1995 Letters page. It’s really something that can stand on its own, so I’ve broken it out from the other letters. As far back as I can remember I’ve had out of body experiences, but …

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