Teachers and Gurus

I’ve had so many people I’ve learned from that I’m hesitant to write about any of them for fear of leaving someone out. So I’ve decided to write about those beings who have had a primary influence on me. I’m going to write about them in the order they appeared in my life, or perhaps I should say, in the order I became aware of their being in my life.

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Haidakhan Baba

My first conscious meeting with Babaji was in 1980. I was in bed, asleep, when I suddenly awoke, feeling as though there was someone in the room with me—my first thought was that someone had broken into the house and had come into my bedroom,but neither of my two dogs was making any fuss. My …

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Babaji and the Dentist

Back in early 2005 I had to have some major dental work done that wound up requiring that thirteen teeth be pulled—either six upper and seven lower, or seven upper and six lower, I can’t remember now. In any case, it required that I not only go to the dentist for the work, but that …

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Karunamayi is someone who has helped me immensely, healing those parts of myself that I couldn’t reach on my own. It took me awhile to figure out the depth of my relationship with Karunamayi, whom I’ll call Amma from now on. Back in about 1997 or so, a friend of mine phoned to ask me …

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I became consciously aware of Nityananda through Muktananda’s book The Play of Consciousness. Some time after I read the book I moved to the cabin above Nelson, B.C. While meditating one day I became aware of a figure coming into my field of view (my eyes were closed). As it came closer I realized it …

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In the spring of 1994 I woke up one morning with the name “Shivabalayogi” on my lips. It wasn’t a name that I recognized so I went on the internet to see what I could find. What I found, among other things, is this picture of Shivabalayogi. When I saw it I burst out laughing, …

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