A Matter of Balance

More on the matter of balance—as the heart area balances, the difference/indifference, desire/desirelessness, emotion/emotionlessness quotient changes depending on the individual—I went from being very detached and indifferent (I used to meditate up to 9 hrs a day when I was in Nelson) to being quite a bit more emotional, full of desires—and yet not caring that I was more emotional and had lots of desires—this is a balancing between male/female sides—I mentioned before about gaining weight, being more aggressive—this is part of same thing—some people go to being less physical, less aggressive, some to more. Some to more grounded, some to less—you can’t go by mainstream expectations—you have to let kundalini do the job—don’t set limits on it, don’t tie yourself up with expectations just because they agree with mainstream spirituality.

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