The Status Quo of the World

Remember all the stuff I wrote about beings wanting to maintain the status quo of the world? When you effect things prior to creation it isn’t just a matter of ” causing the right people to appear at the right time etc”. If you ‘radiate’ the light of the sun, so to speak, you will effect the beings who want to maintain the status quo of the world if you are in their world. Even a little baby sun/son radiates enough to upset the status quo when it starts to shine beyond the world’s comfort level. Some of those beings will be attracted to you, and some will be repelled by you. Most will not know why in either case, and most will invent some reason for it, or will respond on their own level—for example, women might be attracted to you but will interpret it in terms of sexual attraction. Someone else might be repelled, but will interpret it as not liking your tone of voice, or whatever. We value attractiveness in this world—we like to have people like us and we like to be attractive—we want the power to draw people to us, which is what being attractive means—but you have to understand, and this is very hard to deal with sometimes, that most people don’t know what’s happening and that more importantly if you are radiating the ‘sun’ , your capacity to attract or repel is because of the ‘sun’, and is nothing personal. Most importantly, attractiveness is easy to deal with because it’s a ‘feel-good’ thing, but you can get trapped in it; even more importantly, if you repel people because of your radiance, it’s nothing personal—it’s not a personal rejection. I’ll say that again—IT’S NOT A PERSONAL REJECTION—so be very careful if and when it happens that you don’t take it personally and start overcompensating to win approval . I’ve learned this the hard way, believe me. When I was in the process of learning this I had this dream where Muktananda and I were standing beside this stream, and there were fish in the water and flocks of birds overhead, and he was pointing them out to me, and I saw that one of the fish was me, and the I saw that one of the birds was me, and I realized that I was a fish because that’s the way fish saw me, and I was a bird because that’s the way birds saw me, and I was a human because that’s the way humans saw me, and individual humans see from their individual viewpoints, my cat from his, etc. Remember that we talked somewhere about how the ‘sun’ mirrors (I think it was in the context of backing into the sun?) This is the same thing.

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