We Don’t Want Your Kind of Love

One dream had a lot of impact on me—I was very depressed for a couple of months afterward when I realized the impact of it. I dreamed I was standing in the quadrangle of the university I went to, and was surrounded by this intense gold light. I had just come back from ‘higher’ places and wanted to share what I had picked up—the energy of the gold light.Across from me were just about everyone I knew—people I hadn’t seen in years, college friends, people I only knew in passing. This one girl, Suzie something-or-other who I knew from college, came up to me as a sort of spokesperson for the group: she said “we don’t want your kind of love in our world.” It blew me away—I said “fine”, and made myself disappear. I woke up in tears, and stayed blown away for months—I kept wishing I could make myself disappear as I did in the dream—until I realized what I told you about all life desiring eternal life, etc.

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