You asked about dream work, etc. To be honest with you I’ve fooled around with it, done the Tibetan stuff, done the Monroe stuff, but mostly got bored with it– at least with the *active* pursuit of any sort of experiences—I was happier just to let things happen—or even happier to have “dreams” where I really learned things, rather than just ‘explored’ and fooled around. Note that I put “dreams” in quotes, because those *dreams* are much more than dreams—I use the term ‘dreams’ to mean much more than mental cartoons. “Dreams” (note the quotes) are ways of communicating with other aspects of yourself and also with others at a much different level and in a different way than we normally do. In the case of both out of body experiences and “dreams”, I found that pursuing a technique of one sort or another mostly just got in the way . It was easier in the end to “just do it.”

However, more and more my entire life– my physical, emotional, mental, supra-mental, whatever– seems to be slowly, or not so slowly, being absorbed into the *sun* that I kept talking about in the Spiritweb stuff. Most of my “dreams” now, at least the ones that mean anything to me, are of seeing a brilliant sun above me and either I’m being absorbed into it, or it’s shining down into me and sort of transforming me, sort of flushing out all the remaining dark or obscure parts– I usually experience this on a bodily, physical level, while I’m lying in bed—i.e., I’m physically conscious of it. At times I’m aware of a sensation of looking at myself in a mirror, seeing my body image, and the mirror image is full of light—not colors, but just bright sunlight, sparkling—sometimes the mirror image just stays in front of me and sometimes it merges into me, into my physical form (this happens with my eyes shut, of course) The more the remaining dark and obscure parts are turned to sunlight, the clearer the mirror image looks.

So, with this going on I don’t really have a lot of interest in simple out of body experiences—returning to the *sun* and becoming one with it are what everything in existence wants to do– all life strives to do that– the entire “fight” for survival, on both an individual and species level, is a fight for life, a fight to live as long as possible–hopefully to live forever—a striving for immorality and ‘eternal life’ that can only be really fulfilled by returning to the *sun*. And once you’ve experienced that, and know it, everything else just gets in the way. So, I just answered your very first question to me– about “where is this all headed”—hadn’t planned to do that, but there you go)

I don’t think, however, that this really answers your questions about dream work– but maybe so. Its’ been a while since I’ve thought about actual techniques—I find that most anything that works for you works for you if you have the right attitude—if you think of yourself as being a body, or of yourself as being in a body that you have to get out of, then that’s where you start, because that’s where you have defined your starting point. I don’t really experience myself as ‘going somewhere’ anymore– as an entity in a form, ether physical or non-physical– but rather as a *presence*, for want of a better word– it’s more a matter of where I turn my attention and seeing what I want to see– than of being ‘here’ and going ‘there’ in some sort of vehicle or form. If I want to be in a non-physical body then more than anything else it’s a matter of *thinking* or *imagining* (‘imagining’ is the better choice) myself in one or as one. Or remembering what it feels like to be in one and then imagining it strongly enough that it happens. (While at the same time remembering to forget what it takes to navigate in a physical body, and remembering to relax away from my physical body—no small feat, in fact, where most people get stuck)

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