More about the throat and dumo (heat)—I find that I can consciously generate heat by relaxing and energizing my throat chakra—usually by focusing on the large cervical vertebrae and relaxing the muscles in my shoulders (the trapezius, etc), and then imagining an energy flow coming from both sides to the center in the throat. (You can tell when your base chakra energy is beginning to transmute at the throat area because of the color changes you’ll “see”(internal vision) at your throat area—it’ll start off blue, then go to green, and then to red when the energy is fully transmuted. Sometimes there’s also a sort of technicolor, or multi-hued phase, in there as well.) But, and a big ” but”, you’ll probably find that you gain the most when you stop trying to control—it’s like making love with someone—if you try to control the situation, and control your partner, you lose more that you gain, and if she senses it you’ll alienate her also—you have to go from ‘love’ to ‘will’ rather than from ‘will’ to ‘love’—and when you do your throat area loosens up and the energy flows properly—if both partners do that you wind up making incredible love. You’ll also find that you’ll “heat up” (dumo) more easily, and you’ll be able to carry it over into other areas of your life like your meditation. At least that’s been my experience.

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