Escaping the World

You wrote:

“I know that my wavering in and out of this world is not from some kind of “will to ground myself,” but happens because the world obviously must still hold some attraction for me”

So you see the world as something you have to escape? Did you ever stop to think that perhaps you’re here not because the world holds some attraction for you (and from which you have to escape), but because the world needs you here and your being here in itself is a gift to the world? You may experience it as a sacrifice, even a crucifixion, because you have memories of other places, but that in itself makes your being here as a gift even more important, even though most of the people in the world won’t recognize it as such. Perhaps your rebuilding of your complete kundalini energy path is a way for you to take up part of the world and rebuild it, redeem it? I find it interesting the way some words fit together and express something more—for example, the words “Krishna” and “Christ” both come from the root word ‘kriya”, which means both “to purify” and “to redeem”; kriya yoga is a purification yoga for the onset of kundalini…

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