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“Frequently I have been feeling lost. I am unusually tired all the time. Feel only like sleeping. Can’t seem to stay focused enough to do any one thing well at home.”

Yep, this happens when you get too much of your physical energy in your head, so you feel tired and like sleeping—this should change when the circuit clears itself so the energy doesn’t pool up so much in your head. If you get a lot of excess energy in your head you’ll also feel disoriented and lost, but this can also happen when you become ungrounded—when you lose the energy balance in your feet and lower legs—which can happen when kundalini naturally demands more energy to do its work, but also if you do any sort of traditional eastern spiritual practice which has as its model the ideal of collecting the energy in the crown and ajna chakras and disassociating oneself from the world (i.e., the ‘lower’ chakras). If the ungrounding is a natural result of the demands of the kundalini process then that’s one thing, but if it’s because of your learned or acquired attitude toward the world then that’s quite another. You may want to do some work to ground yourself a bit more—even going for walks works well —watching TV with your feet up doesn’t ) and in fact will unground you very quickly. Also, if you are going to school and doing a lot of reading and ‘head work’ you’ll naturally draw energy up into your head and eyes—you may want to increase your physical activity—not in a gym or on a treadmill, but do something to touch the earth, find someplace where you can walk and feel the ground and see and hear and smell the natural world (having said that, I don’t know where you live and if this is possible for you).

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