Polarity and the Grail

The ‘polarity’ thing—I find what usually happens is that I bounce back and forth between doing clearing work ‘down low’ (legs, or below, for example) and balancing things ‘up high’—the more you clear and release down below, the more your vision clears ‘up above’. If the human energy system is defined by the base chakra, the muladhara, at one end and the crown chakra, the sahasrara, on the other, a lot of work takes place below the base chakra and above the sahasrara . I find that if I go down below the base chakra I start getting lots of images of animal life progressing ‘downward’ into plant life—like sort of reversing the flow of organic evolution—with lots of sexual energy, which is the creative energy of these levels of life. There are always lots of warnings in classical kundalini literature about the perils of reversing the flow of kundalini so that it flows downward—they warn about becoming sexually depraved, etc. You can do it if you have the top end cleared enough so that you can maintain your awareness. You always have to maintain contact, maintain a link, with the one in the mountains that you experienced—you can do that by being aware of your own awareness—if you project yourself into animal forms, for example, you can get lost in them, but if you maintain your awareness as the one in the mountains experiencing animal forms, or human forms, or astral forms, or anything else, you can follow your own awareness back—even when you feel lost, you’re still aware that you’re lost, and you can follow that awareness back. That works in all situations. You’ll be that awareness aware of itself experiencing life as yourself—or anything else, or everything else, or everything with no ‘else’.

Being able to identify with awareness and to follow your awareness back—perhaps it’s better said as ‘being able to follow yourself “as” awareness’—is important when you start getting into areas of stronger polarities. For example, if you go into some areas, notably what are usually thought of as ‘lower’ areas, you’ll get into strong ‘life’ energies, sexual energies—you’ll get into areas with an all-consuming desire for LIFE—wanting to live at all costs, wanting to reproduce at all costs in order to continue to live at all costs. At the opposite end, you’ll get into areas that want to die at all costs, that do not want to live—for any reason. The Eros-Thanatos polarity. The micro-cosmic counterpart of this in humans are the first and second chakras as wanting life at all costs—and the areas around the upper chest and throat areas, specifically the throat chakra as wanting freedom from life at all costs. When the throat chakra is active is also when you begin to experience the full effect of astral planes—instead of just seeing them, you feel them, you feel the blissful energy of them, so they can be extremely seductive. To a great extent, balancing energies means balancing these two polarities. You can see the manifestation of this polarity in ‘normal’ spirituality—on the one hand, the mass of beings on this plane involved in ‘life at all costs’ , whose greatest fear is death, and on the other end, the usual sort of spiritual practitioners who are bent on renouncing life, at all costs, in order to pursue ‘higher purposes’ or to simply lose themselves in nirvana or whatever. In fact, what has to happen is that the ‘lower end’ has to rise up in spite of it’s fear of dying and losing everything, and the ‘upper end’ has to go down, in spite of it’s fear of life and fear of entrapment. The ‘upper end’ has to go into the chalice well if it wants to find the Grail—it has to go into the heart of the world.

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