Raising Your Own Level

About raising your own level—you can’t raise your own level any more than you can pick yourself up by your own bootstraps. All the good works and karma burning exercises in the world won’t do the job—what you need is what you’ve already got—an active kundalini, which has its own mind and knows what its doing —you have the grace that you need, you just have to learn how to work along side it, how to pay attention. Kundalini activity on the physical level shows that something is happening at a higher level—it doesn’t much matter that you understand what’s going on, or *how* you understand it (you can understand from a cultural level—Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, etc). Information, teachings, practices don’t change things unless the person is already *active* and needs to know so they can cooperate with the process that’s taking place on a higher level. If you have an active kundalini on the physical level it means things are happening at a higher level and that you are effecting beings at that level (you experience yourself as ‘them’ partly because you are effecting changes at that level)—by just *being* you effect other beings who in turn effect others—but this is done at a level prior to creation, so you effect the level at which the beings who create and maintain the world in fact create and maintain. Whether you actually *teach*, i.e., pass on information, etc, is not as important as *being*. And one of the hardest things is to *be* in the face of all the bullshit of the present level of creation—you can look at it from your own level of ‘comfort’ and think ‘who needs this shit, who would ever want it’, and it’s very hard not to either give up and ‘terminate’ yourself because you don’t want what’s here, or succumb to it and just go along with the ‘norm’ out of loneliness (or run around trying to save everyone from the world—and so become a participant in the melodrama). At this point your being in the world becomes a sacrifice.

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