Spiritual Psychology

Several years ago I had a very vivid dream where I was sitting on a stool in the middle of a room with a light shining down from somewhere above my head. Rajneesh came in and handed me a folder, a booklet, titled “Spiritual Psychology”—there were pictures of various people and some text. He then laid both his hands on my head and blessed me, and I felt like he was passing something on to me. He walked away and I followed and grabbed his hands and looked at his palms—there were no lines on them, and the skin looked as if it had been burned (not black, but the way a burn scar looks), and I realized that this was from the sheer number of people he had blessed. I also realized that his whole “program”, what he had done here, was a sort of exercise or experiment in spiritual psychology and that in his blessing me as he had he was passing on to me some of what he had learned in some way or other (not sure how much of it I actually got, though!) I’ve never been any kind of Rajneesh fan, always thought those people running around in terminal orange were basically strange and out to lunch, and the whole Oregon thing summed it up—so I can’t say I was looking for a Rajneesh experience. Anyhow, I’ve come to think of my past 15 years or so as a class in spiritual psychology. But I don’t know it’s purpose yet—is it just for me or for others? I do know I’ve very tired of it and I want to get on with things one way or another.

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