About having your sperm dance up your spine, shaktipat, etc. I think the idea of sperm or semen actually going up your spine is a sort of eastern way of saying that the energy from the base chakra turns and goes up—the energy is transmuted, as it were. Transmuted from a base metal into gold (you know about the kabbalah, so you know about alchemy, so you know that the transmutation of base metal into gold—you need the caldron and the heat, etc.—the heat is a byproduct of the spiritual marriage—sometimes called the ‘alchemical marriage’—you once mentioned about producing dumo, or body heat—when you’ve got the transmutation underway you find that your relationships with women will be a sort of acting out of your relationship with your own feminine—and you’ll probably notice, or she’ll notice, that you get very hot, physically hot, when you make love—she’ll probably notice it—”are you ok, you’re just burning up, it’s like you’re on fire, do you have a fever?” ) The full transmutation occurs when the energy from the base chakra steadies itself in the throat chakra (and in the heart with the culmination of the spiritual marriage —the union of opposites as shown by the Star of David at the heart level)—when the energy steadies itself in the throat the creative energy is sort of transferred to a higher octave and this is when you can begin to create using letters and words—and it’s also when you can begin to give shaktipat, although I don’t really like that term very much. I don’t like it because it has connotations of power and will. I like the Sufi term ‘baraka’, which means blessing or grace. If I recall my kabbalah correctly, the Aleph is made up of three aspects, three groups of letters that I can’t remember the name of, one group stands for love, one for will, and one for creation—you can read the letters from left to right or from right to left, and depending on which way you read them you get a different message—if you read from ‘will’ to ‘love’ you get something like “destruction” but if you read from ‘love’ to ‘will’ you get something like ‘continuation’—the point being that you have to start with love and not will. You also need ‘wisdom’ in there, which means you need to know how to use and not use your shaktipat or baraka—what all too frequently happens is that someone gets a hit of shaktipat and then either mishandles it or lets it die, as it were —as the giver you have to recognize fertile ground in which to plant the seed—although most of the time you plant by the broadcast method and some seed lands on rocks, some in weeds, some gets eaten by the birds, and some hopefully lands on fertile ground. Then again it can be like teaching an egg to fly if you give shaktipat to someone who isn’t ready—you can keep the egg in the air, but only by your own will—it won’t stay up there on its own, and when it falls it makes a mess. If you go from ‘will’ and power, you run the risk of running a flight school for eggs; if you go from love you give the eggs time to hatch and grow wings.

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