What I Experience

You asked me about what I experience. I always sense the central sun over me, in front of me, around me: when I close my eyes I can see it, feel it, sense it. When I go to sleep, I see it visibly, and I either move towards it, or it moves towards me, and I dissolve into it, completely or partially. This isn’t just on a non physical level—I don’t leave my body to do this—it’s as though every cell in my physical body knows this, is aware of the central sun, and welcomes it openly. When I feel the light and love of the central sun I feel it on all levels, right down to my toes, in every cell of this body. At other times it’s as though things are reversed and I become sort of a window or mirror for the central sun, so that it shines into the world as best it can through me. For my part, I can’t have the process happen quickly enough.

For me, true spirituality starts on the “other” side of the blue stars, on the other side of the omkar. Everything this side of the blue stars, this side of the om, is the same: we call things spiritual and unspiritual, good and bad, light and dark, etc, but in actuality they’re all the same.

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