Stained Glass

I always see one or several blue stars floating around me: sometimes they just flash and are gone, but often they stay for several seconds. Sometimes I see an entire filed of blue stars stretching out around me, especially if I do an open-eyed meditation.

If you think of the blue star as a stained glass window, any and all incarnations of the being that is the blue star on any and all levels of being are like the projection of the stained glass image onto the floor in a church (or wherever). The projected image on the floor is the “life” (or “lives”) on all levels associated with the being who is the blue star (stained glass window). Where there are many stained glass windows (many beings), there is are many images projected onto the floor, some of which overlap, some of which interact, some of which modify others, etc. This multiplicity of projections is how worlds are formed.

Note, however, that there really isn’t a floor to be projected upon. Rather, the whole projection is created “in space”. However, this “space” isn’t empty; rather, it’s the field of pure consciousness that I alluded to earlier (I said: “Please bear in mind that even though I’ve drawn things to look like separate sections, layers, planes, etc, what I’m really describing takes place as a unity, and that unity is completely contained “within” the field of pure presence and pure consciousness of I AM as the field of pure consciousness”). Pay attention to the “space” around you, between objects, between your face and these words: this “space” is the field of pure consciousness. It’s the same space into which we project all of creation—and yet we don’t really “project it: rather, we make creation manifest as a vibratory matrix in the field of pure consciousness. Right here, right now, between your eyes and this word. Tan tanpura: everything is vibration.

In the analogy of the blue star/stained glass window, there’s another component: the sun. The light of the central sun is the “light of the world”—it’s the creative and sustaining force of all that is, on all planes. And this is where kundalini comes in (since that’s what we were talking about). To me, kundalini is the “effect” which results from the interaction of the “central sun” and the blue star, and the results of this effect are projected onto the “floor” as a “kundalini awakening” in that particular life or series of lives.

When I see individual blue stars or even fields of them, I can see that some stars are quite a dark blue, others are a bright clear blue, and others are bright clear blue with a sort of bright white corona, and still others are fading from bright clear blue with a white corona into what I can only describe as a “dissolving” or “blending” into the white. And still others are bright white with only a slight bluish tinge. This color change is a progression, due to the intensity of interaction with the central sun—the stronger the interaction and relationship the whiter and brighter the blue star becomes, finally turning into another sun.

On the “floor”, there the lives are being projected, this interaction with the central sun, and the resulting change in the blue star, manifests as kundalini, and kundalini for the most part manifests as clearing and cleaning (kriya), restructuring, and reintegration (metanoia). This can present lives that can be very chaotic as the kriya occurs. As a result, beings that are quite “high” can project very strange, sometimes difficult lives as the clearing and reintegration takes place.

At some point, the being who is the blue star learns to act and participate consciously in the kriya, restructuring and reintegration process, which tends to lessen the need to act things out (and/or act things out by incarnating various lives). The most important stage in learning to cooperate and participate in the process is when the being who is the blue star realizes that everything he/she (“he/she” isn’t “he” or “she”, but rather “he” and “she”, since the blue star contains the seeds for both male and female) has ever longed for, has ever missed, has every really desired, is “embodied’ in the central sun—everything down to the last minute instance of need for anything—life, love, ecstasy, food, everything —in any of the lives projected on the floor, are all in the central sun—that all the being’s eternal longing is really for the central sun.

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