Flying Over Ladakh

Many times as a child, and later into my adult life, I had a recurring dream in which I was wearing some sort of brown robe, and flying over a very desolate, mountainous region. In my dream I could see a town below me with one distinct feature that I always used as a landmark: there was a large, multi-storied stone building, fairly rectangular, on a small hill; and behind it was an enclosed open area that looked something like a parade ground or a sports field. Whenever I flew over the area I would drop blessings on the town: as a child I always thought of it as being like Tinkerbell flying around dropping pixie dust. Many years later I came across a copy of National Geographic from 1978 in a second-hand book store. The magazine had a full page picture of the very area I flew over in my dreams, including the stone building and the parade grounds behind it: the building was the old palace in Leh, Ladakh, and what I was calling a parade ground was a polo field behind the old palace.

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