The Limits of Psychedelics

I experimented briefly with psychedelics as a spiritual avenue but I got bored, realizing that I was bounded by the limits of the chemicals. I used to play with willing/intending my perception past the psychedelics—allowing the drug to disassemble my perceptual field, and then willing my perceptual field back to “normal”. I once took some LSD, enough that my perceptual field was broken up into lots of little floating diamonds, each diamond containing a piece of my perceptual field, all floating in open clear space. I’d then will the diamonds back into a coherent whole and the world would appear “normal” to me, then I’d allow it to break up into the diamonds again, then will it back whole. After I learned I could do that, I lost interest in psychedelics. I was much better off just going to the mountains and letting go, watching everything glow with the bright infinite light, and seeing the blue web of creation. That, and music were much more meaningful to me.

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