Not Anymore

A dream I had last week: I was sitting in a large auditorium with a large crowd of people, none of whom I recognized. There was a sort of booth/kiosk set up at the front of the auditorium, and a gray haired woman sitting inside the booth. People were queued up, waiting to go up to the booth where they would receive a blessing from the woman—she’d touch their heads, say something to them, etc. There were women in the auditorium acting as ushers, directing traffic. When it came time for my row to line up for the blessing, one of the women ushers approached me and said, “You’re not here for yourself, are you?” and I replied, “No, not any more.” She said, “Well, you can still go up if you want to.” And I said, “Sure, why not.” So I lined up with everyone else, and when I got to the booth the woman in the booth and I made eye contact, we smiled at each other, and I walked on by. I don’t know who she was, no one I recognized.

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