Pure Unconditional Love

By pure, infinite unconditional love, I don’t just mean some kind of infinite emotional state, or being in the mood to hug anyone and everyone you meet. To me, pure, infinite unconditional love is the ground, the source and the sustainer of all of creation on all levels. Pure, infinite, unconditional love is the creative force of the Absolute. It is the Absolute being self-aware, it is the Absolute being self-conscious, it is the Absolute interacting with Itself as Itself. Even your awareness of these words, your awareness of sitting at your computer reading these pages, even your self-awareness of these simple things, is the Absolute being aware of Itself. And this whole process is grounded and sustained in pure, infinite, unconditional love.

This is how I experience myself in all aspects of my being: from being the infinite presence that interacts with the Sri Chakra, causing it to vibrate with the Om that manifests all creation, to the guy who still needs to wash last night’s dishes, I am aware that I am the Absolute being aware of Itself. And so are you. It’s my greatest wish that you, and all beings in all worlds, become aware of yourselves in this way.

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