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sourceTA couple of people have asked me where I got this image. Actually, I made it back in about 1995. I wanted to make an image of what it looks like, to me at least, looking back through creation to the ‘central sun’. What I wanted to do was have the multitude of small figures all fit together like an Escher drawing; I got close, but not quite. (You can click the image to see a larger version.)

I’m still thinking about making the ‘twin’ of this image. What I mean is that the central sun looks like a central sun if you look back through creation, but looking back through creation is like being at the bottom of a well and looking up at the sky: from that position the sky looks like a disk (or whatever the shape of the well is). You have to get out of the well to really see the sky. Similarly, you have to get out of creation to see that the central sun really isn’t in fact a central sun: in fact it’s infinite clear self-illuminating space.

The ‘twin’ image that I keep thinking about making is looking back at creation from the standpoint of the infinite self-illuminating space. From that position there are uncountable blue-white diamonds arising in the self-illuminating space, and if you go into any of the diamonds you go into a creation. Each creation isn’t just a physical world, or a physical universe; rather each creation is a complete creation on all levels: heavens, hells, gods, goddesses, different planes of existence—physical , astral, mental, causal—and so on. The blue-white diamonds, the creations, are inseparable from the infinite self-illuminating space.

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