The False Summit

I once had a dream in which I climbed a mountain. When I reached the high point I came across a large metal or wood Om symbol, kind of like the crosses they put on the tops of mountains in some parts of the world. The Om had garlands and streamers hanging from it, and there were flower petals strewn around the base. There was a sign hanging from the Om that said “The Top”. And there was a man with a large beard, who was wrapped in an orange robe, sitting in meditation beside the Om.

There were more and higher peaks in the near distance so I asked the man, “What’s up there?” He replied, “Nothing”. I said, “Those peaks look higher than the one we’re standing on and yet there’s a sign here saying ‘The Top’. If those peaks over there are higher, how can this one be the top, and why does it have that sign?” The man replied, “It has the sign because it’s the top.” I asked the man who it was who decided that it was the top when there are obviously higher mountains around, and he said, “It’s the top because it has always been called the top. Because everyone says it’s the top. Because all the wise men say it’s the top.”

I thanked the man for his explanation and I continued on, upward.

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