Three Drunk Men

When I lived in Edmonton, Alberta I used to enjoy going to a part of town with a lot of pawn shops. The pawn shops were all located along one street that bordered Edmonton’s version of skid row, and several of the pawn shops had lots of really nice old tools: old hand saws, hand planes, and more, that I liked to collect and also use for my work.

One Saturday morning I was walking along that particular street on my way to one of my favorite pawn shops when I saw three very drunk men staggering toward me. Two were very drunk, and were supporting an even drunker fellow in between them. I immediately noticed a bright gold-white light around the man in the center. He made eye contact with me and started laughing, and I started laughing. He kept looking at me as they passed, and even after they’d passed he turned his head to look back at me, laughing.

I thought to myself, “the two guys on the outside think they’re holding him up, but in fact he’s holding them up. The only reason he’s drunk is so that he can be with them in their world.” There are a lot of beings like that in the world, both human and animal.

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