Third Eye

You wrote:

“The sensation I’d been getting at the third eye (vibratory) began to make itself present at the crown chakra, only at first it was like a low voltage of electricity from the crown to the back of my tongue!”

This is quite common—the usual model for kundalini is that it starts at the base of your spine and goes up to the crown of your head, but this is incomplete. What it does is to make a loop circuit through your body and one of the connections that it makes when it’s working it’s way through you is through the roof of your mouth and your tongue. Sometimes you’ll have your tongue curl up and backwards to the roof of your mouth (way back, so your tongue is almost touching your uvula). Sometimes you’ll get a sensation in your mouth like you’re tasting and swallowing honey or a sweet fluid, sometimes like something sweet is dripping from the roof of your mouth. These are all good things and good signs. You may also find that you get red marks, lines, down each side of your mouth and down onto your throat. The energy will work itself down your front and eventually wind up back at the base of your spine. As this happens you may be very aware of the energy flow and of various physical, mental and emotional effects and changes. The energy will also go down your arms at this point (so you’ll wind up being bitten in the wrists by kundalini snakes )

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